Undiagnosed cavitary lesions and mass

Posted by mommamary1971 @mommamary1971, Nov 8, 2022

I've got COPD and emphysema, and just under a yr and a half ago I got sick and started noticing traces of blood in my sputum. After some testing I was diagnosed with aspergillus in the top lobe of my left lung. So (between my lung dr & my infectious disease dr) I was put on an antifungal to try and shrink the growth and contain it. After 6 months of this treatment they decided to change it to a different antifungal cause it wasn't doing what they'd hoped for. By changing to a stronger med I had to go thru and get a baseline on my bloodwork and a fresh CT. In that CT they found spots in my right lung. Fast-forward and it's now been almost a year on the stronger antifungal and I don't know much more about what's in my right lung than what I did to begin with. They've run all kinds of tests and even done a biopsy yet there's still no clue as to what IS in my right lung. The only thing They've been able to do is rule a few things out that they know for sure it IS NOT. The lung dr said he's never seen a case like mine. The longer this goes on w/o knowing the more its really starting to bother me not knowing, especially since there's new reports that just came about this aspergillus by the WHO. Any suggestions on where to go from here to try and get some answers that may lead to a diagnosis?

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