Two different types of lung cancer

Posted by shortshot80 @shortshot80, Jan 6, 2017

Mesothelioma, It has been a several months since i wrote in here: This last several months has been a very bad time for me. I fell, landed on my “fake’ knee in August, middle of September I started to fall in the house. Rest of Sept, all of October I fell a lot. One of the times I broke my left wrist in two places
Some how my right leg decided to stop working.I also had a severe fainting episode.which lasted about 4 days in the hospital. Don’t remember most of it.
Nov. 1 is when I broke my wrist and then the hospital. Depression has also reared it’s ugly head. Am now visiting with a doctor couple times a month.
Anyway a month ago i was in a wheel chair, two weeks later a walker, now at cane. Next I have been doing physical therapy. I saw my cancer doc yesterday and I walked in. Had my cat scan last week, Doctor told me yesterday that I looked better acted better than the last several months. Also no growth to either of the two lung cancer. No growth in either lung. Left lung is Meso right lung just plain cancer. I’m doing better but still have a long way to go. I am 83 years old, I was diagnosis January 22, 2016. I feel better with all the stuff i’m going through.
Just had to get this crazy report done. Nancy Thanks for listening!

Hello Nancy. I just became a mentor for Mayo Connect! I have been reading over some posts that I had not read before. You really got hit over the head with a lot, all at once. This past year has been like that for me too. But right now I'm in a holding pattern and savoring every minute, with my fingers crossed. Will you bring me up to date on how your are doing and if your medical team has discovered the reason for all your fall? I hope that you are doing well.


Hi Nancy,

It has been a while since you last posted. I hope you are doing better.


Linda, God Bless

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