Two bits of good news!! (and nebulizing with saline)

Posted by rits @rits, May 21, 2020

Hi Everyone. I had a telemedicine appointment last Friday with the wonderful (I LOVE her) Dr. McShane who is practicing in Tyler, Texas. I have really good news to share. First is mine alone. I am off antibiotics following successful treatment for 14 months with Azithromycin and ethambutol and 4 months on Arikayce. Yay!

The second wonderful news is a shocker and applies to everyone who does airway clearance. Not too long ago, I pontificated here in response to a post by Thumper that nebulizing with .9% saline is a waste of time because it is normal saline and would not do anything. I said that we need to use 7% if we can and 3 % if 7 is too harsh. Well, Dr McShane told me that .9% is just as good and she sent me a copy of a study which proves it. I have attached the study here. It is from Australia and compares airway clearance for patients using 6% to those using .9% for one year. There was no difference!!! Both worked equally well as far as preventing exacerbations, effect on bacteria, etc.

Of course if you are doing well on 7% or 3%, this probably doesn't matter to you. But for me, it is earth shattering. I started on .9% last night and it is much more comfortablefor me. You can read the study for yourself. Last week, I was despondent believing that, although I would be stopping the antibiotics, I would have to suffer the effects of hyperytonic saline 2x a day for the rest of my life. I had horrible shortness of breath and struggled to function for at least an hour after each clearance treatment. No more! This is such good news!

I hope everyone has a fantastic day!


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Hypertonic Saline versus normal saline in Bronchiectasis (Hypertonic-Saline-versus-normal-saline-in-Bronchiectasis.pdf)

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Sue, when you say you couldn't walk a block, was this because of shortness of breath? I was diagnosed with MAI several months ago and I find walking outdoors extremely difficult. I've mentioned this to my pulmonary doctor and by his suggestion, I've set up an appointment with a neurologist. If my walking problem could be from the MAI, I would mention this possibility to the neurologist.

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Yes, shortness of breath and incessant coughing. I often had to stop, cough, catch my breath and continue. It was months into treatment when I could finally walk one mile.


@rits Good news gettting off antibiotics! Yay! Congratulations.

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