Tumid Lupus and Low Carb Diet

Posted by mnkennedy @mnkennedy, May 9, 2019

Hello! I started a low carb diet in November to help me lose weight and no longer be pre-diabetic. In the last two months I have noticed that my skin is completely clear and for the first time in over 13 years there are no marks on my back. I see my dermatologist towards the end of June and am very interested to see what he has to say. He has never seen my skin completely clear. I still have some of my other symptoms but it is great to not have to pick out clothes to hide my marks. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Hi @mnkennedy that's great that you are finding relief!

I bet this is something that @efreeman, @billjan, @mantramagic @lanakaymedina and @paulamiddleton would find interesting.

Back to you @mnkennedy, you mentioned that you are on a low-carb diet, can you give in detail what foods you gave up and what you replaced them with?


Hello! I gave up bread, potatoes, crackers, rice, pasta and a lot of sweets. I have replaced the rice, potatoes and pasta with cauliflower. I used mashed and riced cauliflower. I have increased by protein and vegetable intake. I am also making a lot more food at home. Some of the recipes are difficult to begin with but now are quite easy. I searched low carb recipes online. I also shop more in the organic aisles at local grocery stores and at natural grocers close to me. I actually saw a nutritionist yesterday since I plateaued with my weight loss. She said I was doing great and helped me to understand what else to look at on food labels. I am excited to continue my weight loss journey and see what else changes.


Hello! I have SLE Lupus and 2 years ago I also went low carb and my face cleared up as well.


@mnkennedy and @pdesar65, I want to let you know that I've added this discussion to the new group dedicated to low-carb and healthy fat living. See here:
– LCHF Living & Intermittent Fasting https://connect.mayoclinic.org/group/lchf-living-intermittent-fasting/

Are you still reducing carbs? How are you doing?

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