Trigeminal Neuralgia & Covid-19 shots

Posted by dandl48 Dave @dandl48, Mar 5, 2021

My wife suffers from Trigeminal Neuralgia and is concerned that having it would stop her from getting the Covid shot since she has read that with the Pizer shot people with Neurological disorders are advised not to get the injection. Thoughts?

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There’s not many positive remedies out there for a persistent Trigiminal Neuralgia exacerbation. My TN pain was so bad (10 out of 10 on the pain scale) that I also had spontaneous vomiting, stabbing, cutting pain cutting through my eyeball and an unilateral forehead pain that felt like my forehead was going to explode. I went to a Chiropractor who has given me two laser treatments, over a week (on the side of the TN) and it appears to be helping keep the TN under control for now (or maybe the TN exacerbation has just ran it’s course). Has anyone else had laser treatment for TN with persistent relief?


I had a terrible case of Trigeminal Neuralgia back in 1983. It was a terrible burning and alternating train hitting the side of my head. Aspirin did nothing.
I was living in Italy at the time and had several doctor friends. They recognized what I had and sent me to a neurologist who put me on Tegretol, carbamazepine. I was out of commission for a month. Then I noticed that a molar had lost a big filling in that part of my mouth. I think that might have been the trigger. Some years later I suspected something might be returning and ran to the Neurologist. Fortunately, things did not develop and I have not had a reoccurrence. The Neurologist explained to me that nerves have memories so that can contribute to reoccurrences. My dentist wanted to do an implant for that tooth, but I refuse to touch that area. I do not want to wake something up!
Regarding the Pfizer vaccine, I have had 7 doses now with absolutely no complications. With my lungs I need all the vaccines as I cannot afford a serious case of any lung disease.
Found this article,possible%20complication%20of%20COVID%20vaccination.


I have had TN 1 twice. I have had all my covid shots and don't believe the most recent TN was caused by a covid-19 shot.
Six years ago I had damage to the side of my head and Immediately came down with TN. This lasted seven months and was the most painful condition I have ever had. Two months ago it came back. I'm on a mild antidepressant and anti seizure medication. I became aware that the shocks I was experiencing were always due to something I did if I wasn't careful. A lifetime of habits now lead to excruciating pain. Touching my face, brushing my teeth, chewing on the wrong side etc. When I was careful I might only have one shock a day. Then I thought what if I was extremely careful and had no shocks for three days. I accomplished this and decided to go for eight days. This was very difficult. After eight days I was curious to see what would happen if I touched my nose which always produced the most painful shocks. I touched my nose and nothing happened! It was gone! And it hasn't come back. I know every case is different but this is what worked for me. I hope it might help someone with this problem. The pain is excruciating and TN is demoralizing.

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