Treatment Resistant Depression

Posted by tessabutterfield @tessabutterfield, Dec 22, 2022

After having tried over a dozen SSRI's, SNRI's, ADHD meds, and anxiety meds – and therapy – a lot of that, my son still suffers from depression, agoraphobia, and social anxiety, and he still can barely leave the house. Does anyone have any experience with any of this? We've been searching for help for over a decade. To say that mental health is in the stone age is an understatement. Especially for those on a limited budget. Do I have $50,000 to spend for a month of treatment somewhere? Or even $10,000? I do not. And the treatment centers that DO take insurance are almost uninhabitable. Horrible, and depressing places. Just like psychiatrists – the "good" ones don't even touch insurance (my experience, and I have a lot of experience). Any feedback or help is appreciated! Thank you!!

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You are so right, and it’s heartbreaking.


You need to connect with NAMI for resources. He should join a nami support group! Psychiatrists only manage medication. I worked 45 years in mental health in Philadelphia, Pa


@tessabutterfield Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. You don't mention how old your son is, but I applaud you for seeking out possible solutions to his depression! Having your support is important.

In my experience with depression, I found that what might help one time, may not be a key the next time. I am currently on a low dose of Celexa [this time for 2.5 years now] and will likely stay on this for a long time to come. Included in my arsenal of treatment options is therapy with a professional who deals with profound depression. Also, I use journaling as an outlet to get things out of my head and onto paper, where they seem to have less power over me. Adding in my own type of art therapy [doing something creative to express thoughts], eating healthy, moderate exercise, it all works to help me help myself. It is not a set-in-stone plan, it is always shifting around. I don't chide myself for not finishing a project, because it worked to get me feeling better, even if I change over to something else for awhile.

Here is a link for the journaling discussion we started a couple of years ago.

Do any of these ideas sound like something your son might want to explore?


Hi Ginger,
Thank you for your post! I will check out the journaling discussion link you sent, AND send it to my son for him to read! What you say is so true…as we grow and evolve depression does too. And what may work one time, won't another time. Being flexible is key. My son is 20, but I've been searching for help for him for well over a decade. I love what you said about writing and getting things on paper (and the words losing their power). I'm going to send this to him – it's good to hear it from someone NOT me, if that makes sense. We were able to find a doctor who works with Spravato (Esketamine) and are going to be trying that within a week or two. Spravato just got FDA approved, so insurance covers most of the cost. Thank you so much for your thoughts and tips! I am not stopping until he gets the help he needs. Take Care, Wendy


Hi, your son's struggle sounds relatable.

Are familiar with Gene Sight (and other similar tests)? That's what gave me the information I needed to find a medication that actually helped. I had tried 8 different medications at that point, including ketamine, with no results (and lots of side effects). I should have done this test earlier because I learned that there are only 4 antidepressants that are indicated to work for me. None of the 4 were ones I had tried or that my Dr was planning on prescribing so who knows if or when I would have stumbled upon the one I'm taking now if not for that test. It's too early to see if the medication I'm on will be "the one", but I do feel better than I have in years so I'm very hopeful.

I had been in a therapy for years and a PHP then IOP program (which was expensive) and nothing helped. I was trying to do the work with journaling, mindfulness, exercise, stuff like that, but the depression and anxiety were so overwhelming nothing helped until the medication started kicking in a bit. I'm not "cured", my depression and anxiety are still there, but I have a bit of breathing room now. Some space to really do the work in and out of therapy.

I have ADHD as well and while that's still an issue, I find the depression and anxiety makes ADHD ten times harder to deal with, so as those get better so does my ADHD (a bit).

The test I took is covered by a lot of insurance plans. My insurance didn't cover it but they ended up not making me pay at all. At most I would have had to pay $330 I think, which to me is still a bargain if it would have saved me all the trouble of the last few years. Anyway, if he hasn't taken that, and you have the means, I would suggest starting there to see if it sheds some light on things.

I wish you and your son the best, I know how hard it is.

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