Treatment for Left Bundle Branch Block Condition

Posted by eolex @eolex, Jun 29, 2018

I was recently diagnosed as having a left bundle branch block that showed up all of a sudden. It was discovered when I went in for an annual appointment with my cardiologist, about a 3 weeks. The visit and subsequent EKG resulted in my being immediately admitted to the hospital for a heart catheter at which time I received a stint for a single 90% blockage. During this procedure I was told about the LTBBB. Previous stress tests (about every 2 to 3 years apart) showed absolutely no problems. Until this recent event I had not experienced any of the listed symptoms that are usually associated with BBBs, at least from what I read from literature and on this web site. Over the last 3 weeks I have had 2 additional stress test evaluations, including a cardiolite stress test. Both test began normally, no indicated abnormalities, however once my heart rate began to elevate the BBB kicked in. Then after setting for a few minutes and my heart rate dropped the rhythm dropped back into normal rhythm. Additionally, began to experience periodic flare ups that seem not to associated with any specific physical activity. I can tell when they are coming because there is a pressure or mild chest pain that seems to accompany each episode. These episodes last a very short time and have usually been relieved by me coughing fairly hard a couple of times. At the moment, my cardiologist tells me my BBB is a very mild case and is currently treating me with a mediation that is used to reduce heart pain.

My concerns are this: First, chest pressure or pain is not listed as a symptom of BBB alone. Since I am experiencing this pain with my BBB episodes I am inclined to think there is also something else going on. Lastly, I am concerned with a heart pain mediation being my only treatment. It can't be a good idea to mask pain that is obviously an indication of there possibly being something else going on.

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Hello, @eolex. Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect! Thank you for starting this topic thread. Have you addressed your concerns with your cardiologist? Advocating for yourself and asking your physician these questions should be at the top of your list. If you aren't getting the answers you need, perhaps investigating in a second opinion is something you could look into?

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Does is help your pain to rest? or when do you notice that the pain isn't so intense?

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