Transplant: Monoclonal Antibodies, Covid experience?

Posted by hello1234 @hello1234, Dec 2, 2021

Hi all,
Has anyone had experience taking the monoclonal antibodies for covid…If so, did you have any reactions?
Also, have you experienced getting covid..if so, what was your experience with the disease as a transplant patient?
I am hopeful that Regeneron monoclonal antibodies may be approved by the FDA soon for immune suppressed patients to take proactively. It sounds like it may be a monthly or quarterly shot for us.
Thanks everyone!

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@hello1234 this is a topic with a lot of interest for many like you, certainly. I wanted to bring in other members who have commented already regarding monoclonal antibodies to see if they can provide you with some experienced-based feedback. Members @codered032 @grammanancy and @sstillwell have all expressed interest in this topic for a variety of reasons and may have some additional information they can share.

In the meantime, I wanted to share what appears to be the most recent updated guidelines on monoclonal antibody treatment and approvals.

– Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: FDA Authorizes Monoclonal Antibodies for Treatment of COVID-19:
Have you had COVID and have you had any of the vaccines?


Hi @amandajro
Thank you so much for your response and information. I am a successful one year post kidney transplant patient! I currently take Cellcept and Tacronlimis to suppress my immune system and it's doing a wonderful job keeping my transplant happy!!!

I feel fantastic and I feel very blessed to have my new kidney and to have had the surgery and after care at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville. Mayo is an awesome team of extraordinary professionals!

My only major obstacle to a normal life now is fear of covid. I am living a very limited life with very little social contact.

I had two doses of the Moderna vaccine as soon as it was available, tested 60 days later and had zero antibodies. When the booster was approved for immune suppressed patients I had a third dose. 30 days later, I tested zero again. My Cellcept and Tacronlimis are highly effective!!

I have been reading that Regeneron has just applied for an EUA approval to give immune suppressed patients a monthly or quarterly shot of monoclonal antibodies to provide the immunity we need BEFORE any exposure to the disease. I am very hopeful that this is my ticket out of my house (with a mask of course!). I am hoping the approval for PRE-exposure monoclonal antibodies shots will be available next year. Regeneron already has approval for POST-exposure.

In one article it said the FDA meeting to approve PRE-EXPOSURE usage is in April 2022. In another article I saw that Regeneron is now running a clinical trial with immune suppressed patients and the results are due in 2023. (I was hoping for a little more freedom before 2023).

I am wondering if transplant patients with exposure to covid had a good experience with monoclonal antibodies with no signs of rejection or if there were any issues?

Thank you again Amanda @amandajro for jumping in to facilitate the conversation and provide information. I really appreciate it!


Thank you for sharing information about pre exposure monoclonal antibodies, which is what I am interested in. I am currently taking Tacrolimus 3mg twice daily. I have taken all the recommended Pfizer vaccines, but have no antibodies. I am planning my first vacation since the pandemic. The information on line about monoclonal antibodies is mixed for pre-exposure treatment. My nephrologist nor my PCP has provided supporting information. I am currently in remission for MCD and don’t want to mess things up by taking monoclonal antibodies prophylacticlly. I will keep searching for additional information.

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