Took a heavy blow to the ear one time been ringing since

Posted by theomega @theomega, Feb 18, 2019

I took a big blow to my left ear….and when I wake up it gets…worse but smooths down…eventually. …but if I’m not careful will it become louder without a hit this time or if I’m safe…will it not? (It’s a high pitched ring)

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Hi @theomega and welcome to Connect. You may have noticed I moved you post to the Ear Nose & Throat group so that you can connect with others who have experienced ringing in their ears. Click VIEW & REPLY in your email notification to get to your post.

I also wanted to introduce you to fellow Connect members @cherriann @vdog @cathy514 @de9g as well as @lioness @alpaca and @hopeful33250 as they may be able to offer you ideas or support for your ear ringing.

Back to you @theomega is there anything you do that makes it get worse or get better? Have you spoken to a doctor about this yet?

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