Too much cold air entering the nostrils

Posted by learningstudent @learningstudent, Apr 16, 2020

Well…Recently I have developed a weird symptom. I think I have had it for a month. My nose has no mucus, booger and when I inhale, I feel like there is too much air entering my nostrils so I have to use something to block part of it. Otherwise I feel so uncomfortable and suffocated. My right nostril is getting worse, there is no congestion or anything and sometimes my face or nose seems to lose sensation. When the turbinates work normally, they will shrink and swell up and provide warm air but this does not happen to my nose. All the air I breathe in is cold and is not warm at all. I am just wondering what causes it because for people who have atrophic sinusitis, they will have nose blockage. But I do not, I feel my nose is so empty and too much air entering them when inhaling even my nose is not dried. I hope somebody could help.

I have checked my nose, I do not see any turbinates, only hair and the holes of my nose. I have never done any turbinate reduction or nasal surgery.

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I was on oxygen therapy and the tube pumped constant cool air into my nostrils which dried them out to an uncomfortable situation.(made my nostrils dry and bleeding. A nebulizer with warm most air for my lung congestion remedied that. Try some type of humidifier



Was the dryness just inside your nostrils? How long did it take to feel better?


Mostly my nostrils, lil in my mouth. Took a short time just days to get relief


How often did you use humidifier?


@learningstudent I was wondering if you have found a solution to your problem, since I have the same problem as you.

In 2020 I got sick with my respiratory tract, supposedly it wasn't covid, it was a type of bronchitis, I had a different symptom because my paranasal sinuses were inflamed for a couple of months and since then I have had problems of that type.

I consulted the otolaryngologist, thanks to my clinical history and a tomography, he concluded that what I have is hypertrophy of the turbinates, allergic rhinitis and vasomotor rhinitis.

The weird thing is that I'm never sneezing or runny nose like someone with allergies would, but the strangest symptom that I have and that is why I am looking for an answer in this group is when I inhale, I feel like there is too much air entering my nostrils, I have never done any turbinate reduction or nasal surgery, just like you.

I hope you can read my message.

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This is precisely what I experience during a cold. I have a cold right now, and it's the same story, half way through its progress, I wake early in the morning to a burning cold sensation in one nostril, practically causing a headache.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's not permanent, just experienced it this morning, and finally decided to seek a solution. That's when I found this thread. I hope someone comes up with a simple solution to this. Thanks!

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