TON of blood work done. Does it look like I may have Leukemia?

Posted by quickly543 @quickly543, Jul 7, 2018

Hello there. I am Terrified, and had a TON of blood work. Does it look like I may have Leukemia? If you can, please do help me out…

For the last 70 days, the least physically demanding tasks make me short of breath and cause my heart-rate to spike, before this illness I was easily able to do intense exercises.

Here is my first post, submitted 13 days after my illness:

**Please briefly go over the post above if you would like to see the symptoms I had during the initial phase of my illness in detail.
Age: 21

• Height: 5’11”

• Weight: Now, 150 lb …. before illness: 170 lb

• Gender: Male

And now here is the update after 70 days, I will try my best to summarize what is going on, because it is scaring me to my core, and if you’re a hematologist (or know one), please do help me out here.

Let me give you the main blood-work first, which I believe is most significant.

There is a declining trend in my platelet count. It was measured 6 seperate times at the exact same lab. On 2018 May 08, my results were 348 . The reference range is 155 – 372. On 2018 May 18, my results were 314 . On 2018 Jun 08, my results were 311 . On 2018 Jun 13, my results were 303 . On 2018 Jun 17, my results were 304 . On 2018 Jun 30, my results were 268.

The platelet trend is fully summarized in this line graph:

Here is my MEAN PLATELET VOLUME (reference range is 4 – 14 fL) from the 6 dates, May 08 – June 30, starting from May 08: 7.6/7.9/7.8/8.1/8.0/7.9.

Since I cannot write all of my blood results due to the word limit, I will simply give line graph pictures and main trends. I got my blood work done on 6 dates: May 8, 18. And June 8, 13, 17, 30. Use these for reference.

My white blood cells were high until June 13, they were 10.7 x 10*9/L. After, they are 8.5 x 10*9/L (avg) for the past 2 weeks.

Summary of WBC:

For my WBC, first the neutrophils, eosinophils, monocytes were high. Then, only my neutrophils and monocytes were high. My basophils were always 0. And my lymphocytes have always been normal, around 2.

Here is my HEMOGLOBIN from the 6 dates, May 08 – June 30, starting from May 08: 153/151/149/148/153/147.

My HEMATOCRIT (reference range is 0.39 – 0.49 L/L) from the 6 dates, May 08 – June 30 has been 0.47 or 0.46.

Here is my RED BLOOD CELL COUNT from the 6 dates, May 08 – June 30, starting from May 08: 5.2/5.2/5.3/5.2/5.3/5.1. It came back as 5.1, lowests its been, on June 30.

My ESR sed rate is normal tested on June 30, at 9 mm/hr. My TSH is normal, and my LDH level is normal at 156 u/L. My calcium was 2.4, then went up to 2.5, and is decreased to 2.3 now. My PROTEIN ELECTROPHORESIS came back normal with no apparent monoclonal band seen. I had a very normal abdomen ultrasound, except for my left kidney size, which was 9*4.3*4.5cm. I also 2 palpable lymph nodes which I got a ultrasound for, the results came back as: “Mildly enlarged lymph nodes with mostly benign features likely reactive, with thin cortical mantles”. To me this lymph nodes are non-painful and hard. There measurements are 14*9.1*3.6mm, and 10.1*9.3*3.4 mm.

They did a monospot on May 15, which came back positive. However, I requested a EBV test and that has came back 100% non-reactive, meaning I 100% did NOT have mono, and had a false-positive for the monospot. My symptoms as of now are constant fatigue, and I always feel like I cannot get a full breath in, and cannot properly yawn. I also have pain in my chest, like the muscle and bone area. I always been having green urine, and loose floating stools. And I wake up in the middle of night to urinate, atleast 2 times everynight, and I am more thristy. I am also seeing visible black-ish blood vessels in my palms and fingers, which I never saw before in my life.

My urine is coming green, but from a urine analysis is was normal (no protein, blood, bilirubin etc). Only specific gravity was somewhat low. Also, I had no immature grans in my blood, and NRBC is 0. My AST/ALT are low at 16/18. My potassium is normal but on the lower side. My bicarbonate, chloride, creatinine are normal. MDRD GFR is >120 mL. My bilirubin/albumin/AMYLASE/ INR=normal. My ALKALINE PHOS was a little high at start, but since is high-normal. My blood-pressure is also high, at 140/80.. but lately its been coming back more normal for the past couple weeks… I have not had a blood smear yet. I am really afraid I have some type of leukemia as my b12 is very high, and my platelets are droping. Along with my other symptoms, but I don’t know. Please do help me **Reminder, if you want to see my symptoms during the begining of my illness in detail, please go to this post I made back on May 17: I know I am writing alot of info, and I am so grateful beyond words if you’re able to help me in this time.

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Hello @quickly543

I appreciate your posting your concerns on Mayo Connect. We are all patients, like yourself, and not medical professionals. Therefore, we can't interpret lab results, nor diagnose problems based on your symptoms. We can, however, offer you a "listening ear" as you post your concerns.

It does sound like your symptoms are causing you a great deal of concern. What has your doctor said about your test results and your symptoms? Are you seeing a specialist now or a PCP? Please remember that getting a second opinion can be a very helpful way to untangle confusing symptoms and put your mind at ease. I would encourage you to go to a large medical center that is involved in research. They generally have many specialists who are able to work together to sort out problems such as yours.

Many of us on Connect have dealt with health problems that were difficult to diagnose and we certainly understand the frustration that goes with this process.

I look forward to hearing from you as you work through this process of finding a diagnosis.



@quickly543 I see you are new to connect. As Theresa @hopeful33250 stated we are patients just like you. There could be several reasons why your blood work is off. It wll take a Hematology Dr. to determine what is wrong exactly.

My son at your age was deathly sick too. I can tell you he lost alot of weight quickly and could barely stand up or hold food down. They called in an infectious disease Dr. He couldn't even figure out what he had. They kept him in the hospital for a week giving him IV fluids. And drawing blood alot. It happened to be some kind of virus making him sick. They never could tell us which one.

All I can say is drink plenty of fluids and try to keep eating even if it is a small amout every couple of hours. Let the Dr's figure it out.
Cause if they seem to be monitoring you very closely.

Please when they do determine what is making you sick, do you mind posting it to help others?

Wishing you the best.

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