Today's NY Times friendship/love story.... and pancreatic cancer

Posted by wjk @wjk, Oct 13, 2023

In this morning's NY Times there is a piece titled "Jennifer Graham likes Jennifer Graham". It's about two women who share the same name and become friends. It's also a short meaningful tale of some aspects of pancreatic cancer.

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My library allows borrowers to log on to the NYT for three days at a time, with unlimited repeats. Check to see whether your local library offers that, or will allow you to access articles thru ProQuest or a similar database.

I'm going to try to attach the png that I took of the article -- not sure whether it will work.

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What a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing. I have a friend (Anna). I would say is my Jennifer. I lost 2 sons in less than 2 years. She drove 6 hrs to get to me. Stayed for almost 2 weeks. She was my saying grace. I too have a lesion on my pancreas. I have My next MRI in Feb 2024. I'm praying for a good outcome. Thanks for being there for Jennifer

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