Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) for long-term depression

Posted by Bax @tbaxter33, Mar 16, 2018

Does anyone have any experience with TMS therapy for long term depression? I have fought the demons of depression for years. Some days are better than others, but finding the emotional energy to do anything other than go to work and do the job is next to impossible most of the time now. I have been on several different medications over the years. I can’t say that any particular one made a notable difference at all. I am continually frustrated with a lack of energy and a lack of desire to do the things that I once enjoyed, and that I had looked forward to at this stage of life. Every day, I pretty much feel like “this is it” — as good as it is ever going to get — and the opportunity of any meaningful contribution of life is over — done — finished. Retirement is something that I longed for over the years. As it draws nearer, I fear it because I see myself just fading away and soon gone. So, I ask about TMS therapy. It is very expensive, requires a huge time committement, and is not covered by medical insurance. I have spoken with doctors (psychiatrists) at a couple of top hospitals in the nation and have not gotten stellar reports from them. The consensus was that it works for some but not for others and the success rates are fair at best overall. Having said that, my doc says they have seen amazing results from the therapy and people complete it and the negative thoughts are pretty much gone. He says their success rate is extremely high. I have not done it because: a) too much time away from work; b) too costly and not covered by medical insurance; c) the reports from two docs from world known excellent institutions which were not glowing. I have searched for answers for years, with none. Now, I have developed chronic pain in the lumbar area, legs, neck, shoulders, arms, etc. I am working on the back with a major pain managment group with some injections which I hope will help.


@phxlife – you might call Mayo Clinic in the Phoenix metro, ask for Psychiatry and inquire about TMS availability. @laura has also talked about getting care (neurology) in the Phoenix area and might have some input, and @spurcey1 has talked about care in the Phoenix area and may also have some thoughts as you look for transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). @newlifesociety is also in the Phoenix metro, I believe, and may have some input.

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I have thoroughly checked out Mayo’s mental health doctors, as well as others in the valley. So I know there are many to choose from regarding getting TMS, as well as counseling. I was just hoping someone had a reference. 🙂

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