Tired, tired, tired

Posted by testlady @testlady, Aug 17, 2020

I began treatment with the Big 3 three weeks ago. I take them 3 days a week. Since beginning this treatment, I have experienced extreme exhaustion and a recurring headache. Initially, I panicked that this might indicate Covid 19! Thanks to all the posts I have read, it seems apparent that it is this course of treatment. In addition to the MAC, I have stage 4 metastatic lung cancer. This has made me very,very careful about staying safe from Corona spread. I am presently celebrating my 9 1/2 year anniversary of my lung cancer diagnosis. Up until now, I have had no symptoms of lung cancer or MAC. My PET scan showed some infection in my lungs which was cultured and grew MAC! I am very stressed with this tiredness. Some days, I can barely move!


@heathert– Hello. I am also a stage 4 lung cancer. I have multifocal adenocarcinoma of the lungs. I get many lesions at once. They are considered primary cancers. But some come and go. I've had this since 2007. I am currently stable, meaning that all of the lesions that are being watched have not grown.

You have a lot going on in your lungs so I bet that you feel tired. I have read your posts and wonder if your iron levels are still low or if you wound up getting an iron infusion. When I was being treated I felt a fatigue that goes beyond words. Are you in any treatment for your lung cancer?

What type of lung cancer do you have?

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Hi @merpreb I do not have lung cancer, I have MAC and Bronchiectasis. Your lung problems sound very interesting the way they come and go, so glad that you are stable. Yes the fatigue for MAC is also draining, not fun. Heather


Yes, that is my cancer designation. I was diagnosed in 2011.

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@testlady– I started a group a while back for our type of lung cancer.
We are a small group and would love to have you with us.

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