Tingling/Numbness on 1 side of neck & cheek

Posted by livetheday @livetheday, Apr 7, 2019

Has anyone here had a sensation of what is like a tens machine turning on and off on a light setting, on the side of your neck and cheek? Mine starts from the center of the back of my neck/head area and radiates around to the center of the front of my neck and right cheek. Interestingly enough this is the side that showed where my Cerebellar stoke originated from. I also have C5 and C6 that show fusion. Docs think it was like that from birth, but I think it was from 1981 car accident, just was not diagnosed properly at the time.
Any thoughts??
I still did have a fair amount of headaches, not sure if that is still from the 2011 stroke or neck issues.

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Hi @livetheday that must be so frustrating to have that tingling and numbness. While we wait for others to join in on the conversation, what have your doctors said about this? Have you been having this tingling and numbness for your entire life or just since the stroke?


Hi, @livetheday – I wanted to add my welcome to @ethanmcconkey's to Mayo Clinic Connect. A few members like @lakelifelady @hillyard @grandmar @jenniferhunter @rldawg @elizabethmm may have some perspectives on your tingling/numbness on one side of your neck and cheek and share from their experiences as you try and get to the bottom of whether this is related to your car accident, fusion you have in C5 and C6, or something present from birth. I also note you said the side affected was the site of origin of your cerebellar stroke.

Have you gotten a chance to get a second opinion on this tingling and numbness you've experienced, @livetheday?


@livetheday this is lakelifelady. I have had a fushion at C5&6 and in a 2015 car accident C7 broke loose from there. Another spot in my neck was fractured during the accident and I spent months in a neck brace. At first after the accident I had numbness, pain and tingling from neck, over my shoulder and down to the crook of my arm. I had a lot of PT over these years and gradually over time all improved considerably, although the neck fracture never did close properly. I also had a Traumatic Brain Injury in the accident that caused three brain bleeds with multiple issues arising from that, but I do not think that the TBI caused much tingling or pain for me.

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