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I have had high platelets and large platelets ever since I got covid 4 years ago yesterday, when the world shut down and I was at Urgent Care. Nothing has helped and my oncologist hematologist is unable to offer any options. I get frequent migraines and feel so fatigued all the time. Imwas anemic in the beginning, but that has been mostly resolved, but severe fatigue remains. I read that thrombosytosis itself can cause fatigue. I despair of ever feeling better, this in addition to heart and lung at only 50% function even though no one can explain why. I use nicotine patch 7 mg. I tried peptides. I have pretty much tried it anything has anyone been able to resolve thrombosytosis? Have you gone on medication to reduce platelets and if so, what are those side effects and does it help. I am not unable to exercise. I can barely push myself through work so that I can keep the health coverage I need. It feels hopeless 4 years in. Just wondering how many others have blood disorders and what has helped, if anything. I stay short of breath and exhausted and do worry about blood clots and stroke with high platelets. The cancer center folks are very nice, but they are at a loss what they can do. It is very hopeless feeling. thanks for listening and for any suggestions. I am newly married and I'm afraid my husband's going to get tired of dealing with all my health issues, even though he is as supportive as he can be. Because I cannot exercise, have gained gained 60 lbs and feel terrible. I know that's a strain on my already compromised heart and lungs. I never wake up rusted and I'm starting to think it's because my blood is like sludge and there is no treatment. That I know of. Please let me know if you are also dealing with thrombosis fatigue and what helps. My doctor tells me not to fast anymore since I need to fuel my body, but I am not hungry most of the time and then when I am and need some quick energy I often I'm so stressed that I reach for less than healthy items. Has anyone had platelet replacement. I forget the name, I think it's plateletpheresis? I imagine it cost a fortune and insurance would not approve. I am feeling and getting worse with every year that passes and it's been 4 years and one day. Thank you for any help or suggestions. I am almost 59. I don't see a long life and I'm scared of things getting even worse. I don't know if a baby aspirin a day really does anything. I feel like the medical field has given up on us. I feel terrible all the time and get really short tempered and take it out on my dear husband. I very often think that I should have and would have preferred to die during the second week so I was sick since long covid is worse. thank you.

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Hi @klf58, Thrombocytosis (throm-boe-sie-TOE-sis) is a disorder in which your body produces too many platelets. It's called reactive thrombocytosis or secondary thrombocytosis when the cause is an underlying condition, such as an infection.

Here's more info from Mayo Clinic about thrombocytosis
- Thrombocytosis

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