Throat Pain & Burning

Posted by shawnisee @shawnisee, Apr 28, 2019

Hello, For the last 4 years I have had a burning pain in my throat. It’s there all day, it’s like I drink a glass of boiling water everyday, that burning pain you get when you first burn yourself. What triggers it? Food, drink and breathing any strong odor (chemicals, deodorants, fragrances,etc…).THE ONLY THING THAT DULLS THE PAIN IS WHEN I’M WEARING A MASK. It’s like the diffusion of the air helps. Plus it keeps strong odors out or mutes them. I do have esophageal spasms, I have had achalasia surgery recently, which seems to have done more harm than good. I try to control the spasms with nifedipine. Nothing seems to help. I have been to the Cleveland Clinic and had neuropathy ijections in my neck, my tonsils removed, nothing seems to help and no one can find a source of the pain. I am looking into food allergies next and possibly hormonal testing as I am a 48 year old female and have been going through menopause. Does anyone have this or have any other ideas? This has gotten so bad that I have anxiety attacks and I can only think how much longer can I live with this? People should not be in pain this long.

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Hi @shawnisee and welcome to Connect. You may have noticed I moved your post to the Ear, Nose & Throat group so that you could connect with others with similar experiences.

I'd like to introduce you to @teresatopeka @jodeej, @needtoknow, @kgoodwin9, @joant10 and @travelgirl as they have experience with throat issues, and may be able to provide you support.

Back to you @shawnisee you mentioned wearing a mask and taking nifedipine, what else are you currently doing to try to lessen your symptoms?


I take hydrocodone for pain, in a liquid form. Other than the nifedipine and all of the procedures I've had done, nothing. No one can find answers for me.


I have had several upper abdominal surgeries. Losing parts of my stomach. I have achalasia, but so far have only had stretching of esophagus to help with the swallowing difficult. I take oxycodone for the chest pain. Many esophageal problems and stomach problems can cause chest pain.

I have had changes in taste and smell. I have always been chemical sensitive. Some odors are nauseating. I sometimes have to cover my face or go quickly away from the odor. My husband loves eggs for breakfast. I have to go elsewhere when he cooks them. Some food taste exceptionally sweet or salty. These all increased after the last abdominal surgery I had. The surgery before that one was a Rouen y to repair a sliding hernia. During surgery my esophagus shortened.. only 1% chance of that happening. It brought my stomach and a loop of intestines into my chest. They could not repair at time.. my body just could not take more surgery then. Six months later I had the last surgery to repair all that after two more loops of intestines pulled up into my chest and pushed my left lung against my ribs collapsing my lung. I was told after this surgery that I would always have the chest pain. It is worse with activity and when low weather fronts come through. I have dealt with it since 2015.

With these surgeries I now have what they call silent reflux. Mucosa, phlegm, from my stomach come up into my throat. My throat does burn at times but not as much as when the bile would come up into my throat. I also have allergies year-round. I'm sure it contributes to the throat issue. Some people in the GI group have had the achalasia surgery. Do a search of the type of surgery you had.. I think there is more than one type. Some may have mentioned your symptoms.

I wish I could be of help, but can only tell you others share some of your symptoms if not all.

Best of luck.


I came across this study today that might be interesting to some of you.

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