Posted by jtannen1 @jtannen1, Dec 8, 2016

Tell me about when you got the call and what happened? Like when you get tests done and what kinds of things were going on?

I was staying at the Gift of Life Transplant House and was walking to breakfast at 7:00 a.m. when my phone rang. The caller ID showed that it was Mayo. It was my surgeon who had never called so I knew something was up. She asked if I still wanted a transplant and asked what I was doing. I told her I was about to have breakfast. She said that they might have a liver, to go ahead and eat and be at the hospital around 9:00 am. She said once she had seen the liver she would talk to me again. I walked into the dining room, sat down as my sister sat my breakfast on the table. She immediately asked what was wrong because I had a strange look on my face. So we quickly eat, and got ready to go to Mayo. We took the shuttle as we had for all our other appointments. We went straight to the 10th floor and got settled into a room. Lots and lots of blood work, a last minute test on my heart, talks with the Anesthesiologists, a talk with my surgeon, a enema and around 1:10 we rolled out and headed to surgery.


@danjohnson5688, Welcome to Connect. It is always a pleasure to meet another transplant recipient! I believe that we share a special bond because of our experience. Thank you for sharing your story about getting the Call. @jtannen1, I hope that you and others who are wondering about this event, will receive some comfort in reading this.

@danjohnson5688, I encourage you to explore some of the transplant discussions. Consider this a personal invite to join in as you feel comfortable.

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