The best AIC goal for type 2 diabetics

Posted by dorisena @dorisena, May 25, 2020

A doctor writes in my local paper that there is controversy over the best AIC number, depending on age and other medical conditions such as heart conditions, and whether or not medications are used. A study showed that below 6% can make heart disease worse. The suggestion is that persons who wish to go off medication should not do it abruptly, which is common sense. Experts may not use medications for someone below 7%. Changes in weight, diet, and exercise factor into deciding a goal, and 6% or less goal is not necessarily better for an older person who may have heart disease. Dorisena

I appreciated your comment strictly adhering to nutritional value. Thanks for covering it.


Thank you Teresa for the accurate information. All healthy people like it.

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Hello @hadit17 and welcome to Mayo Connect.

I see that you have an interest in the A 1 C discussion. I appreciate you sharing comments. Are you a recently diagnosed diabetic? As you are comfortable doing so, please share with us a little about your experience with diabetes.


I have an interest in: 1. Know Your Numbers and 2. Be an Active Self Manager. I take an interest in self care too. I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in 2019. My Dad had Type 2 Diabetes. In 2014 a severe accident was the cause of taste and smell distortions. I need more tender, leafy greens.


@hadit17 I recently stumbled across a little tool that is a real blessing for us D-2 folks. I signed up for one of the little non-needle-prick stickers. I have to replace the sensor every 14 days, but that is minimal bother. And each time I read my own numbers, four times each day, I look carefully at the pattern for the previous few hours, or a day or even up to 90 days. Then I try to adjust my glucose pattern to do a better job of keeping the numbers on goal. I am sure the insurance folks like it better than the strips because it is actually cheaper, ($1.00 per day or less for as many readings as you may want), does a much more accurate job, sends the numbers to the doc, and is actually proof that I read my numbers. The only down side is learning to leave the little thing alone so it does not fall off before the 14 days are up. But I am getting better. And the ability to see in real time what my GL pattern looks like is worth its weight in Bugs Bunny Carats.

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