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The best AIC goal for type 2 diabetics

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Hello, exercise doesn't necessarily cause you to loose weight. I lost my wife in 2013 and just wasn't doing anything, but decided a couple years later to improve my type 2 diabetes and loose weight. I came up with what I call meal plans, not a diet. I kept records of my weight, blood pressure, and blood sugar for a period of 3 months. I lost 50lbs and was able to stop taking insulin. I ended up weighing 175lbs. I published a book on amazon about my effort. It is called "A Meal Plan for and Overweight, type 2 diabetic. author Bill Brinegar. Well I was still taking metformin, and blood pressure medicine, so I decided to improve everything further. I did research and decided to do Intermitting dieting and only have low carb meals. So now I weigh 150lbs and don't take any Blood Sugar or Blood pressure Medicine, and I have good A1c and blood pressure averaging around 117/ 70. It really works.

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@billbrinegar Good for you, getting your weight and A1c down. I too made great strides in that. My BP isn't as good as yours but it's not where I need to take medication, so I'm happy with that. My last two A1c tests were under 5.

Exercise won't cause you to lose weight unless by exercising you are expending more calories than you are ingesting. Personally, I find that on days when I do not exercise I do actually gain a bit! I use a fitness tracker and calorie tracker to make sure I am keeping things under control. The calorie tracker, myfitnesspal, tells you at the end of the day what you will weigh in 5 weeks if you continue doing what you did that day. Of course, you have to include every bite you take all day, and all the exercise you do. Frankly, there are days when I get off track and then I just give up on putting my data in. No one is perfect.