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Posted by ataylor8668 @ataylor8668, Apr 23, 2017

Not exactly sure how this all works, but my original post got routed into another discussion chain….don’t even see the original post listed as a discussion.

My original post was about sleeping concerns post surgery and if anyone had an opinion on buying a good recliner….as I look around, there are many with heat and massage….not something I would ever normally consider, but it is now or never!….is it worth the money. I am a side sleeper with sleep apnea, and can’t sleep on my back flat!

Also was wondering if anyone already had a pacemaker/defib prior to surgery. I have a subcutaneous unit that was implanted about a year ago….do they take it out?/disable it?….the wire runs right up the center of my rib cage (where they will cut), but between the skin and the rib cage…it is not wired into the heart so don’t know if they can simply leave it in place and rewire post surgery???

Any help is appreciated. Cheers….surgery is 6/7 at Mayo/ 45 male, HCM.

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Hi @ataylor8668,

You first message about buying a good recliner is still in this HCM group, under the discussion titled “HCM-ers: Introduce yourself or just say hi: When you click on this link you will be able to see your original message, as well as responses from Connect members.

@ataylor8668, would you mind if I changed the title of your post, above to, “Pacemaker & Defibrillator Question for HCM-ers” or something along those lines? That might make it easier for Connect members to find your post, and share their experiences in response to your question.

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