Will CBD be Detrimental to My MAC Treatment?

Posted by bmiller57 @bmiller57, Apr 20, 2020

Thank you all for the warm welcome to the group and the quick response to my questions. I have an other underlying condition AS { ankylosing spondylitis } this has caused inflamation in my neck causing severe headaches. Prior to the mac i was using cbd oil that relieved my pain. iI have been off the cbd since feb. and my headaches have returned. Does anyone know if the cbd will be detrimental to my mac treatment before i start it again. I refuse to use prescription drugs my primary doctor wants me to be on. i will not become another addict any insight from the group will be greatly appreciated

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@bmiller57 I am so sorry about your headaches and your AS. Chronic pain makes quality of life difficult. Adding MAC meds to the mix can be a double whammy because some of us (not all) have side effects from the Big 3. One of the side effects is headaches. With that said, ask your ID doctor if it is ok to use CBD. I have had an alternative med card for two years now, and my ID doctor has encouraged me to use it. CBD is supposed to be very good for headaches, inflammation, anxiety and probably many other symptoms. I have Rx CBD, but I have not used it even though several of my children suggested I give it a try. My pulmonologist also said it was ok for me to use it. I’m guessing your doctor will say it’s ok to use CBD along with the MAC meds as headaches can be debilitating. irene5


Hi @bmiller57, I just wanted to let you know that I changed the title of this discussion so that it reflects the discussion topic a bit more. It will help other members to see the discussion at a glance, and join in here. The new title is – " Will CBD be Detrimental to My MAC Treatment?”

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@boomerexpert might be able to share her experience with both MAC and taking CBD for rheumatoid arthritis.

Bmiller57, have you mentioned your use of CBD for ankylosing sponkylitis to your pulmonologist? What form of CBD do you use, smoking or edibles?


I'm a little interested in this too. Marijuana is legal here, so I use a little bit stronger lotion that CBD. I never thought to ask if it would interfere and I just had my phone conference yesterday.

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