Thank you for the help I've gotten on this website

Posted by junkartist @junkartist, Jun 1 11:50am

I just want to say thank you for the help I've gotten on this website. You can skip the lengthy story below. Your contributions have helped me a lot. Just listening to me helps me a lot.

I am 72 and was doing well, then two of my 3 adult children stopped talking to me. Unfortunately, I responded to one of my children with denial and anger. The other I said something that my son had asked me to tell him first. The last three years have been incredibly stressful with the added responsibility of my last sibling's decline.
I have pulled up out of severe depression by distracting myself with video games, audiobooks, decluttering, projects, focusing on one thing at a time. I have a supportive husband, one child who still communicates with me, friends. therapist, an energy healer and a psychiatrist who prescribes my medicine.

I still have negative thoughts about all the things I did wrong, like not listening. (No physical abuse towards children) There is a part of me that is broken and hopeless despite what I've written above.

Thanks again for listening and for telling me your stories.

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@junkartist We are fortunate to be here, to share our stories and experiences with so many others. Most people we will never meet in a real life situation. For me, knowing I am not alone in my doubts/struggles/health concerns is such a gift. Feeling like we are alone, no one else close to us understanding our circumstances, can rapidly undermine our resolve. I bet you are nodding your head, right? And perhaps others are doing the same.

We take each day as it comes along. Looking forward to what we want to accomplish, setting goals and figuring out how to get them done, using resources others might tell us about here, and then taking that big deep breath and stepping out on that first step, it's all scary and nerve-wracking. And remember, we all are here for each other! We never know who is reading our words, who has seen there is hope when all seems hopeless, and those who read but never comment. It's a powerful concept, isn't it!


@junkartist, I'm glad you found the forum in time of need. When you share your story, you get help, but you also help others. Thank you for being willing to talk about the tough stuff to get AND give support.


Thank you again for the encouragement

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