Can I get tests done locally before appointment at Mayo?

Posted by solope @solope, Mar 18, 2020

I have my first appointment in April. My insurance isn’t accepted there and I have a friend who has donated some money to help get my care started. However, it is not a ton of money and I know it will be gone quickly. I’m trying to figure out if there are things (like testing) that I can have done at home before I go so that my insurance will cover it and I can make the best use of that money. I just don’t know what tests I should get. I am wondering if I could get something like a “pre-appointment” consult where they could tell me what tests or anything else that I could do before my appointment. Any thoughts?

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Hi @solope, welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. That is a very good question. Mayo Clinic experts often work with local doctors to provide coordinated and continuous care. If you already have had diagnostic test done, it is recommended that you bring them or send them in advance.

But your question is directly about coordinating with Mayo to know what tests might need to be done and to have them done locally where they will be covered by your insurance. To be certain, I recommend that you call the contact number of the department where you have your first appointment. The answer may also be dependent on the current situation with COVID-19. Your best bet is to call and inquire for your particular situation. Do you have a number to call?


I'm sure it can be done. I've had blood work done locally at various times, and sent to Mayo.


Post transplant all of my lab work is done locally except my Tacrolimus trough level. Pre-transplant is a different story though. They usually do not like to accept outside lab work or pictures. Your best bet is to call appointments to answer your questions or have them put you in touch with someone who can clarify the protocol they use in situations like yours. Best of luck.


Hello @solope-If you have had any type of imaging testing performed locally, be sure to get a copy of them to bring with you to your appointment. Copies of previous lab work for the past year can help as well. Good luck to you.

Which campus will you be visiting?

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