tapering off quentiapine

Posted by semisane @semisane, Apr 3 3:16pm

I was on 800mg quentiapine and 5 other mood meds. Im off all except 400mg quentiapine.
I went to 200mg to 100mg to 50mg to off over a month and half. I was feeling good besides a few physical effects. I did notice a heart flutter at times, lots of tension in my face and very irritable. I was also going through a tough life situation. I went back up gradually to 400 mg over a relatively short time. Im wantinng to give it another shot and this time do it more gradullay , sit with whatever withdrawal symptoms there may be and let it level out. I may not go off it entirely but I would like to drop the dose radically.
Any advice or similar experience would be appreciated -Thanks

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