Has anybody successfully tapered off of lorazepam (Ativan)?

Posted by healthlady22 @healthlady22, Feb 5, 2019

Has anybody successfully managed to successfully wean off of Lorazepam?
If so how was it done?
And if it was by way of switching to other drugs, were you then able to taper off of those entirely under a doctor's guidance?
My husband has been on Lorazepam for 16 years
He did well for 14 years, but dragged his feet about trying to withdraw while he was feeling better.
In May he had a relapse of anxiety, and insomnia, with brain fog, heart palpitations, and more.
Currently he's doing better, thinking better, but still feels like crap a large part of the time, can't sleep without the drug, can't nap.and still struggles with anxiety.
At this point, I believe it's the drug that is actually causing the problem. Currently he's doing 1 mg at bedtime and 3/4 mg when he wakes up at 2:30 am.
I know it takes 2 years for the brains GABA receptors to normalize after taking Benzodiazepines.
Also know it's really hard to withdraw, has to be done extremely slowly, and the side effects are exactly the same as the symptoms it is meant to help.
My goal is to eventually wean him off of all drugs as functional health tests show they block his nutritional absorption and may be damaging his intestinal lining. I would like to be able to repair his health using nutrition, supplements, and neurotransmitter amino acids.
All feedback is welcomed!

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I have withdrawn from lorazepam after 16 years of taking it. This is not for the faint of heart. I went back on it after a tragic loss, and am tapering off again. From 2mg. I am currently at .8mg. The worse part of this whole journey, and the biggest mistake in all of this, was transferring over to DIAZEPAM. DON'T DO IT! It nearly killed me. Diazepam destroys diamine oxidase (DAO) in your system. It's the enzyme that breaks down histamine. Of course, no doctor will ever warn you of this because they don't know what they are doing. Doctors prescribe these horrific benzos to us, but are clueless as to to suffering they cause. My advice is to taper off very slowly. Follow a low glutamate, low histamine diet, and take DAO supplements with essential amino acids. This has worked for me. Daily exercise and meditation are absolutely essential for detox success. Best of luck.

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Eileen, are you still active on this forum? I'd love to connect with you, you seem to really know your stuff. The DAO, low glutamate, low histamine diets, all make total sense.


Been taking 2mg of Ativan for about 12 years and want to quit. Been reading about the withdrawal symptoms and now afraid to get off. I just started tapering yesterday. Is it possible to get off this stuff without the suffering I have been reading about.

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I took 1 mg of Ativan every day for 15 years. I never had a problem stopping. If anything, sleep was not as good. I quit multiple times over those years, cold turkey, with no issues. Quit now again for 6 months and no issues. I guess for some people it’s hard. It can be done, just stick with your plan. I think switching to a similar medicine could help, my Doctor said this, but no need for me.

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