Tapering off Budesonide/pulmicort question

Posted by cate123456 @cate123456, Jan 2 6:39am

Has anyone here been on nebulized Budesonide and then tapered off or did you just stop cold Turkey?

I have been on it twice a day for about six weeks and my doctor said okay to go off it, but I’ve read it’s best to taper off steroids. If you tapered off, how did you do it?
I could just use half a vial twice a day instead of full vial or nebulize it only once a day for a few days.
Any advice or experience with this?

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Sue that is so helpful.
I have never had asthma, but have been suffering terrible Bronchospasming excessive mucus and shortness of breath for five months after being hospitalized twice for a nasty Acinetobacter Baumanni infection along with my regular bronch/MAC.

I started suspecting the nebbing of levabuterol, Budesonide and saline three times a day that was prescribed to me was just exasperating the Bronchospasming. So after hearing on one of your posts that inhaled Levabuterol was easier on your lungs than the nebulized form, I requested an inhaler and BINGO the next day my lungs were a little better. So I started only doning the inhaler twice a day along with the Budesonide but with no saline and it’s been ten days now and I’m bronchospasm free!!!!

The inhaler still lets me pull up mucus but it’s at the normal amount before all this started five months ago and not the excessive mucus that was choking me because apparently my lungs were so irritated from all the nebbing.

Since you and my friend are doing fine inhaling Budesonide every day I don’t feel so nervous about it, as it is working. I’m going to ask my pulm if I can just use the inhaled levabuterol everyday now instead of nebulizing it.
Thanks for your help!

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