Swollen columella

Posted by ladybeard123 @ladybeard123, Feb 7, 2020

For about a month the left side of my columella has been swollen. It will become really red and pulses. Starting to ache up my nose and down my lip, up to eye. My doctor says there is not a infection. Thoughts?


Hi @ladybeard123 and welcome to Connect. That must be frustrating finding no reason for the swelling and subsequent aches. That is odd that there is no infection. Has your doctor thought of any other reasons for this swelling?


@ladybeard123 – wondering how you are doing today?

@natalee_43 @imallears @lioness @brightwings @patriciagsr may have some ideas on your swollen columella that becomes really red and pulses.

If the doctor thought there was no infection there in your nose, ladybeard123, what did he or she think was causing the swelling and redness?


My ENT says I am a mystery and has never seen this before but wants to see me again later this week. He prescribed an antibiotic cream and pill but said it was highly unlikely that it was a infection.

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@ladybeard123 Hi please don't take this the wrong way but back east they said,whoever they is, that people who drank alot would have these symptoms I am by no means implying anything No one hit you did they or car accident . Is it your sinuses? Do you have a fever with it,? Just trying to help


No trauma, accident or alcohol. I have not had any sinus infections or congestion and no fever. It is becoming more painful not just in my nose but my eye will also water.

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