Higher dose Metoprolol cause asthma issues?

Posted by markm75 @markm75, Jan 30, 2019

I’m struggling to contain all the variables of what is going on in the last 1.5 months… i started off with heart runs, rates up near 130-150 that would stick, first time stuck this much since 1996.. been on 50mg ever since mostly… doctor increased me to 75mg.. things have calmed down but i also stopped taking 25 mg desipramine since then too (for crohns fearing also related)..

then we got a puppy at nearly the same time around dec 20th (golden doodle).. at first after all this i had a cough in the mornings maybe some during the evenings (tried using 3 hepa purifiers and they really havent helped, no dog upstairs in the house either)…. i assumed due to dog allergy.. its gotten progressively worse with a wheeze that isnt detected in xray or stethoscope not even on throat.. an exhale wheeze.. which at times feels constricting.. been to various doctors but we keep trying different things.. one option was to drop back metoprolol.. but they also gave me a new inhaler (symbicort) to try now (singulair for 15 days hasnt worked or maybe made me worse)..

The wheeze/breathing gets worse at night and lingers even at work, though less intense..

Has anyone ever increased metoprolol by this amount and had this happen?
Trying to rule out things before rehoming the puppy, unfortunately..
Thanks for any insight

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Get checked for some congestive heart failure happening. Get on some lasix to get dried out.


Get checked for some congestive heart failure happening. Get on some lasix to get dried out.

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Id actually had a complete stress test and echo done at about the same time, everything showed normal.. i'd guess that wasnt it though.


I'm taking 200 mg at 6:00 AM of Metoprolol Succinate, 25 mg Metoprolol Tartrate about 2:00 PM, and 150 mg Metoprolol Succinate at 6:30 PM.

I'm on Singular for Chronic Urticaria (Long term hives), before I started on Singulair, I was on a steroid inhaler. In my case, the Singulair works much better than the Steroid Inhaler.

Metoprolol is a Selective Betablocker, meaning that at common therapeutic doses, it has minimal effects on other systems, including minimal effects on respiration. At the dose I'm taking, I would think I'd have some problems, and truth be told, I noice a slight cough, but nothing like I'd experience prior to taking Singulair.

In addition to your Cardiologist and Family Doctor, see an Allergist, they can identify specific allergies, including proof of allergies to your new dog, and often they can suggest treatments, but be sure to clear new medications or procedures (like Breathing Treatments for example) with your cardiologist.


Update here, so unfortunately at least for now.. we've sent our dog to my brother in laws at least for a little while or maybe till she is 4-5 months old to see if her coat changes..

But.. i've changed one variable at a time so far and already i'm improved which has me wondering.

I opted to just clean the kitchen area, mopped it good and entire area, which is where she spends night time and sometimes peed/or pood in general there during the training phase so far..

I've left the air units running.. i havent vacuum the carpets (which turned out the vac had a clog and probably for weeks on the roller unit).. im still taking the singulair.

In the hours after she left and after cleaning the kitchen area thoroughly i felt fairly normal.. barely that "wheeze".. and up till bed time.

I woke up middle of the night though, with the feeling of short of breath, so opted to do the inhaler, though i think this was more mental and not an issue. In the AM no real coughing this time, barely any congestion.

I know dander takes months to dissipate and given this change, it seems unlikely it was just taking her out of the house that has so far cured things.. i think it might have just been the kitchen area (pee/urine reaction) this whole time, maybe not i dont know. In a few months we will likely try again, hopefully at that point fully trained.

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