Susceptibility to severe Covid due to long covid

Posted by clx @clx, Apr 15 3:20pm

I likely have long covid/post covid illness, details below. I have a cough and am short of breath with exertion like climbing stairs, walking 1/2 block. The only notable but not definitive positive test result I’ve had is “diffuse ground glass opacities” seen on chest CT. Should I be concerned about susceptibility to severe disease, particularly respiratory illness, if I’m reinfected with Covid? Am thinking of going to a 4 day meeting, maybe 50 people in a large room, at end of April, just about 3 months from my recent positive test.

I tested positive at the end of January and thought I had no symptoms, although I had about a week of travelers diarrhea starting about 3 days after my positive test (as did my husband who tested negative for Covid). But GI symptoms re-emerged about 2 weeks later and persist now (about 2 months later). When I developed fatigue, shortness of breath and cough about 2 months after positive test I’ve now had enough (normal) negative tests that MDs now think that this is all post Covid. I had all vaccines and boosters, no underlying conditions, am 66.

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