Heart Rate After Surgery

Posted by grandmaR @grandmar, Feb 28, 2018

Today I had surgery to remove 2 cervical discs with 2 artificial discs. For years and years I have experiences a very quick heart rate at surgery time.
Before I lost 90 pounds, my rapid heart rate was constant as my high blood pressure. My PCP put me on Metopolol Tartate, which worked very well!. When I lost the weight, I was taken off the meds

Two weeks ago, when I went for my preop exam with my PCP, he put me back on the meds to slow down my heart rate . Sadly, it did not work well. my heart rate was 115-120 in recovery. I don't know what it was during surgery.

Guess my PCP will have to make a decisions about what to do.

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I had no idea general anesthesia was so problematic. I had myopathy 6-7 days post op. I did not connect the dots until now. I noticed my pulse has been high as well as my blood sugar. My pulse has been at rest 104-123. My blood sugar has been in the mid 140’s with a few numbers that spiked. I traced the numbers back to the date of my operation 1/31. Nobody spoke to me about blood pressure or pulse or blood sugar. Could someone please tell me what I need to do. I have a physical scheduled for tomorrow. I will raise concerns to her. But in the meantime could someone give me some tips on lowering these numbers. I’m on medication for the blood pressure with attention to lowering pulse and blood sugar. Hope to hear from someone soon. Thanks for reading.


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