Summer SAD

Posted by quinne @quinne, Jun 12, 2019

Does anyone here suffer from summer seasonal affective disorder? I have had this for a long time. I have been told it's unusual for someone who lives in the northern US to have this. It's hard to find anyone to talk to that understands this disorder.

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HI, ME TOO, for many years only i overeat!! a rainy day is just fine but getting out of the house seems to be the only help for me. sleep at night difficult, naps during day too much enjoyed,could stay in bed forever until night time that is.Thanks for your post .


Hello, @quinne – I wanted to add my welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I'm glad you've connected with @kalo37 who has experienced something similar. Welcome to you, too, kalo37. I'd like to introduce you to some others on Connect who have mentioned seasonal affective disorder (SAD) to see if they can identify with dealing with SAD in the summer months, like @secretwhitepop @merprep @soliloquized @sandytoes14 @pearlbaby. I'd also like to invite @parus into this discussion.

Here is some Mayo Clinic informaiton about SAD You might be especially interested in the part about some people experiencing SAD in the spring or early summer.

What are the main symptoms you have been experiencing from your summer SAD, @quinne?


I was the usual Winter SAD sufferer. I started taking Vitamin D3 2000 IU (oral soft capsule) once a day, year round. I have several disorders, not related to SAD, but medications for one, seizures, can effect Vitamin D levels. Once I started taking one soft capsule per day, I stopped having the Winter SAD Symptoms.

I mentioned this to my neurologist, she ordered blood tests. She actually said she wanted to be sure I was taking enough, which I was.

The D3 I take is over-the-counter, i.e. non-prescription form. It has worked for me. I don't take other vitamins, I don't take Mega vitamins, and I avoid Vitamin enhanced drinks. Just a good diet and one Vitamin D3 per day.


I recently read of SAD in summer vs. winter, and it gave me some amount of traction. I have never liked hot weather, but have always lived in a warm climate, unfortunately. No light box as for winter SAD, but one can avoid some of the heat, and deal with the rest. I’ve had depression issues for decades, and find the warm weather doesn’t help, but don’t cause a significant problem.


@quinne – how has it been going the last couple weeks with the summer seasonal affective disorder?

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