Suggestions or advice if you think this is parkinson's?

Posted by jen80 @jen80, Apr 4 12:22am

Hi! I'm jennifer new here from NC . I always research and love reading the mayo clinic. So for the past 3 years my health has went down hill!!! I see all kind of docs that don't care about nothing but money to be honest. So i have. A ain't that has Parkinson disease. And other things as well. I see gyno, urologist, neurologist, orthopedic, rheumatology, and now looking for a internal medicine doc for PC. Because the last one didn't work out. I see everything in me that my aunt had last time i saw her. I'm starting to get where can hardly walk so stiff, my left hand feels like it moves so slow like takes so much force when I'm left handed. I'm typing with right. Overweight. Pain is awful! Constipation. I'm having problems getting to the restroom when I have to urinate. Also i guess it's cognitive problems cause I forget how to spell things or words or names or have to look at numbers a million times, go to do something and forget, just forgetful.i now have raynaud's. Kyphosis. My legs are heavy, and I'm feeling like muscles are weak. Now I'm having to get glasses because my vision is awful in my left eye and the pain is horrible. Aniexty and depression. Isolation. Man the list goes on, and the neurologist won't even listen. I tried to tell him first with the forgetting things he shouted u don't have altimeters. And said see ya in six months because I have you guys believe as well this sounds like parkinson's?? I feel like as if my like is slowly ending, any advice is welcome! Thanks in advance!?

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Also, my grandmother had dementia and parkinson's disease as well !


Hi Jennifer-
An early symptom of PD can be loss of sense of smell.

My husband was diagnosed by a neurologist who said he could tell by my husband’s gait.

I hope you find someone who can figure this out for you, that it’s not Parkinson’s and that you find some remedies for your issues.

Best wishes to you, Cindy


Hi Jennifer,
My youngest son has Parkinson’s disease. It’s the first case we know of in our family. You’re dealing with a lot of different symptoms that may not even be PD. If it were me, I would find another neurologist for a second opinion. I also don’t like that your neurologist shouted at you. That’s completely uncalled for. I would not put up with that. You may also want to see a good diagnostic doctor and present him with all your symptoms. Have you considered the Mayo Clinic or Cleveland Clinic? I will say a prayer for you to find the best doctor and have your symptoms taken seriously.
God bless you,


It sounds like you have a multiple of problems. Perhaps you should try to solve one of these problems at a time. You may be overwhelming your doctor and they just ignore you. The bladder problems sounds like a problem may women get as they get older caller OVERACTIVE BLADDER. There are some medications that can give you some relief. Each of your other problems sound like they need to be diagnosed separately. Pick the one that is making your life the most miserable, and then discuss this one with your physician. One by one you maybe able to solve most of your problems. Good luck

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