Subdural hematoma after fall but history of Small Vessel Disease

Posted by fdmkas @fdmkas, Aug 10 11:18am

2 months post TBI due to fall Symptoms and Scans all show improving. No other issues on MRI. No more headaches but dull sensation in area of hematoma. Was on Keppra for 2 months only to stop seizure now one week off of it. Having balance and light headedness. Anxious not to fall and find out why I’m feeling weird. Returned to work 4-6 hours may have aggravated this week. Thanks

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Sorry history of Small Vessel Disease which I got put on Crestor and now LDL is 64 and Cholesterol 130


@fdmkas Welcome to Connect. I think you will be the best barometer of how you are doing, and if you think that you have returned to work too soon or for too many hours, it would be worth asking your doctors about that.

What are you doing about balance issues? Are you using a walker or a cane? Have you been seeing a physical therapist about balance? That can help a lot in retraining your body how to communicate proper balance. It may also be worth discussing all your medications with your pharmacist and doctor just in case a medication or combination of medications is causing light headedness or dizziness. There could be a physical reason for it too if you are having neck spasms that can shift vertebrae. A physical therapist is a good one to consult about that too, and to evaluate for fall risks.

My dad had a traumatic brain injury with a skull fracture that he survived with 3 months of hospitalization. It can take a very long time for things to improve, and my dad was never the same although he could function. It sounds like you are improving well. Will you be following up with your specialists about this? It might be worth asking questions about the risk of stroke related to your injury. I don't say that to alarm you, but I have heard of this happening later down the road. If everyone in your family is aware of early warning signs for a stroke, that is a good plan. Also ask what you can do to lower the risk such as controlling blood pressure and stress.

What leisure activities do you do for relaxation and enjoyment?


Thank you for your reply. As I go back to work I’m experiencing more insomnia and weird head symptoms like balance and also emotional roller coasters. The worse is not knowing if the stroke caused the fall or the hematoma caused the stroke


@fdmkas Head injuries do cause emotions to be easily expressed, so please be kind to yourself and when you need to take a step back, please do. Listening to music you love can help a lot when you can't sleep or are worried. Did you have a stroke? You mentioned a seizure and being on medication for that as well as a small vessel disease.

My dad could get upset and cry about stories he saw on the news or things that happened to other people. He had some sadness about things long in his past that he never got over, and then having a head injury on top of that increased his emotional response. If you feel that happening to you, take a deep breath.

Does your job allow you to take breaks so you can relax? Sometimes just stepping outside and looking at nature can help or looking at pictures that make you happy.

What has your doctor advised?


Thank you. Yes a small stroke. No motor or sensory effects. I cannot take breaks as a pharmacist or step outside. I am going to cut back to 9-1 next week. Insomnia for 2 out of 3 days. Weird head symptoms last barely 1-2 seconds like may be I’m losing balance or light headedness. Then it sets of anxiety etc

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