Cardiologist suggests I can stop taking Eliquis. Any thoughts?

Posted by dsisko @dsisko, Nov 18, 2020

I have been on Eliquis for about 2 years now for afib. I had a successful ablation at Mayo in Rochester in August 2019 and have had no afib incidents that I’m aware of since that time. I track my pulse with my iwatch and regularly track my blood pressure. Both are fine. I’ve been of the understanding that I need to take Eliquis for the rest of my life, however, my cardiologist in Florida has suggested that I could stop taking the Eliquis. Has anyone had a similar situation or has stopped Eliquis because of a successful ablation?

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Has anyone had the lariat left atrial closure? Had does it rank compared to the watchman?

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My EP cardiologist was certified to handle the Lariat, the Amulet, the Watchman. He simply picked the one that best suited my anatomy and had the shortest time under anesthesia. I don't know about any ranking but I think they all work well and are worth it.


I hear you. Afib/heart failure convinced me to go on Eliquis 7 years ago was ok since a stroke would be terrible. About a month ago, I noticed I was having increased shortness of breath, lot's of fatique, strange feeling around waist, and an odd stomach ache when I would exert myself with yard work etc. First I thought my heart failure was returning, but didn't have the water gain. I think it's the side effects of Eliquis. I have asked for a smaller dose but dr says no, that the dosage is fine. I think I need less or something else. Frustrated by the narrow minded dr. I think they are afraid of the drug industry coming after them. Any ideas before I take on the dr again. They didn't want to do baby aspirin, not effective enough. I wonder who sponsored that study. I'm 76 and take good care of myself.

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Yes, indeed, Eliquis and Plavix both cause shortness of breath. Once I had The Amulet implanted and stopped these awful drugs, that problem disappeared, along with many others. They simply give everyone the same dose of these drugs without regard to side effects, risks or discomfort.


Hi dsisko,

I too had a successful ablation in August 2020. During the first 8 months following the ablation I experienced numerous PACs (upwards of 8,000/day) and occasional bouts of non-sustained atrial tachycardia, but these have since resolved. (At around the 4 month post-ablation mark, my EP and I had agreed it would be prudent to implant a loop recorder, should the AF or AFL return.)

So I am reasonably sure that aside from the blanking period, I have not had any AF. About a year and a half ago, my EP gave his okay for me to discontinue my Eliquis as my loop recorder (ILR) has not shown any significant arrhythmias.

All well and good, but there is only about 6 months of battery life left in my ILR,
and I am anxious to have it removed once the battery goes. My regular cardiologist seems to think I can get by with self-monitoring with a smart watch or Kardiamobile — although my Kardiamobile had misidentified certain arrhythmias in the past. I had been fairly symptomatic when experiencing the afib and flutter, so I think that would be the case again. I believe the latest research indicates the risk of stroke is quite minimal unless the AF lasts 24 hours or more, but you should check with your cardiologist.

In any case, knock on wood, doing alright, without the Eliquis, despite being a “2.5” (my cardiologist’s take) on the CHA2DS2-VASc score. I may rethink this choice once I hit 75! 😗


I was put on Eliquis for a month after bypass surgery. The switched me to Plavix instead. Will be on it for a year...then just a baby aspirin.


Everyone is different, but here is my experience for what it's worth: I had mitral valve repair, ablation, and LAAC at 78, over a year ago. No more AFIB (it can work permanently). I exercise and eat smartly (low in calories, sugar, salt, and caffeine). When I walk, I mediate by well-wishing for others. I also visualize my RNA, DNA, and all body systems being in good order. (I love order.) I got off of Eliquis after four months by wearing a heart monitor for 30 days to be sure AFIB was gone. I had to push my cardiologist to put me on the monitor. My last vital stats while sitting were 116/66, heart rate 66. I am now weaning myself off of 12.5mg metoprolol daily and 81mg aspirin daily (Read recent JAMA article that said low dose aspirin causes brain bleeding over time. Now it is recommended only for stroke and heart attack victims as I understand it. I have also read that metoprolol interferes with sodium and sugar levels. Too low an amount of sugar or salt can cause dizziness as I read it.) Daily, I do take a magnesium glycinate supplement containing 29% of RDA. Pure Encapsulations is the best brand I have found. I have read that magnesium and moderate exercise help folks to stay out of AFIB). I had a great surgeon at WakeMed in Raleigh, Dr. Boulton, who did all of the heart stuff. That was key of course. He also supports magnesium supplements. Overall, I feel extremely fortunate. My best to you and everyone reading this post.

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Thank you for sharing your story... I am also on the Five milligrams of Eliquis b I d and also the metapropal twelve point five daily... Recently I went to The hospital and I also war the emcot for thirty days... There was only one time that it showed a fib... I believe That this is because I started walking At least twenty minutes every day.. Honestly , it was exhilarating and i've kept it up... When I went to see my cardiologist , he said There is no way I can get off of these Two drugs and I also suggested aspirin and he said No.. I just hate the idea of taking this crap the rest of my life... We are so being ripped off by the drug company because they don't want to make Anything generic you know it's called greed!!! I want to find an honest pharmacy In canada that I can deal with... If there is anyone that thinks they can help me.Please send information to My email address that I have listed... I am a retired nurse of many years.. I would appreciate anything Anyone can contribute to help me... Thank you so very much and feel free to contact me...


I hear ya. I read that aspirin and apixaban have different purposes at the molecular level, and that they are not interchangeable. I, too, was told I would be on apixaban for life by my cardio, even though every diagnostic he could make me trip over, including an angiogram, said I had only minor deposits in my coronary arteries (I was 70 already!), My CHADS score is 1, maybe 1.5 if someone wants to quibble, but I'm still on both a statin and DOAC. It's my sex and age. And that I have had both AF and RF ablation isolation of the PV. The scarring and the history, by themselves, mean I have this crud for the rest of my life. With my luck, it'll be another 35 years!

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