Stroke symptoms repeatedly come & then improve??

Posted by sonya_nc @sonya_nc, Dec 24, 2020

My 80 yr old mom had what was first dx as a stroke last week- confusion/ diff walking/ left side weakness& vision impairment. She has been on zaralto for AFib for several yrs and never any ‘stroke like’ issues. CT did not show bleed/ angiogram also clear/labs normal. The next day while inpt, strength & mobility returned & vision improved. So discharged w/ TIA DX. One week later- episodic return of all ‘stroke’ previous symptoms and then they resolve again. We are confused- discharging dr said TIA and now follow up dr says stoke. Has anyone experienced this ongoing random stroke symptom presentation w/ ‘recovery’ and then repeated episodes? What questions should we be asking??
Thank you.


Are you getting CT or MRI?

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Yes- she had a ct in mid December when inpatient after the TIA episode. It was normal.


Ok. The doctors know best what to do and order, but FYI, lacunar strokes can at times show clearly on a MRI and at the same stroke not show at all on a CT.


@sonya_nc, @feelingthankful and others – I saw this new podcast from Mayo Clinic that I thought you might find helpful.

Know the warning signs of stroke:

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