Status Epilepticus

Posted by Teresa, Volunteer Mentor @hopeful33250, Nov 14, 2019

I have noticed that this term, Status epilepticus, has been mentioned in the Epilepsy discussions. As I was unfamiliar with this term I thought I would get some information.

Here is a link from WebMD

From reading this I can tell that this is a more serious type of epilepsy.

Anyone have this? Want to discuss it?

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For whatever reason, my seizures stopped in 2011. I have no idea why. Just very grateful they did after 44 years, except when I forgot my medicine Aug 22nd. I take Carbatrol and Phenobarbital. Doctors seldom prescribe Phenobarbital but I think it's a very effective drug. I told a man's fiancee in Africa to ask his doctor about it. He's on it now and has been seizure-free for about 6 months. Am I in trouble for suggesting that? It came out in 1912, it's been studied over 100 years and there are side effects especially for children but wait till these new drugs have been studied that long. I'd love to be around at the end of the century to see how popular some of these newer drugs will be used. They already suspect that Benzodiazepines may cause Alzheimer's.

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Benzodiazepines are evil, horrible. Old neuro put my daughter on them and now weaning will take years on top of the damage it has already done. You have to wonder if they avoid pheno because it’s old and no money to be made by big pharma. Just saying 😉


Status epilepticus itself is evil! I used to have it for 15 minutes. I walked up and down stairs all the time at home. My mother used to use rectal valium suppositories to "get me out of it". When I moved from home I had an episode at my apartment. I walked down two flights of stairs one night (all seizures are nocturnal) and was found in the back yard. When the police saw my medication they said I was on drugs My neighbor shouted "she is not on drugs". I should have sued the police for their ignorance.


Has anyone had any issues like mine.First seizure I was 62 years old.Grand mal lasted 30 minutes that was in 2014 only had a couple over the next 6 years then 2020 I had 4 grand mals and 2021 8 grand mals and they always last at least 20 minutes neurologist told me I should be dead I am on keppra 500mg twice a day.Here are the strange things I cannot take any vitamin pills it gives me what the doctor calls mini seizures and (he told me they are nothing to worry about ) that last a couple minutes and I am in a fog and do not know where I am in those few minutes and the minis last three or four days and have up to five a day and as the days go I get less and less then it stops.Now it just started a couple weeks ago i feel like I am blacked out but i can talk and do not know anyone but no seizure and I come around in about 5 minutes it has happened twice we were out eating and it hit me and my wife helped me up and walked me to the car but I do not remember any of it.I believe mercury from my teeth caused all my issues and no doctor will help me.I have been going to doctors for the last 15 years with health issues and none of them can come up with a cause for my issues and they refuse to talk with me about mercury poisoning and there are a lot of people out there with neurological issues from amalgam mercury poisoning and they gave me 5mg valium for the issues I have with the keppra


A mini seizure is called an Absence seizure which is a generalized seizure meaning the seizure starts in both sides of the brain at the same time. Consciousness is lost during generalized seizures.
Although occasionally total consciousness may not be lost during these seizures. If you are aware of your surroundings and can communicate and understand people around you it’s probably a Focal seizure that starts in one area of the brain and the person remains alert and is called a focal onset aware seizure. These seizures used to be called simple particles. Auras are Focal aware seizures. 20 minutes is a long time for seizures to last. It’s recommended if a seizure lasts
longer than 5 minutes medical intervention should be sought since it is considered to be a condition known as Status Epilepticus and is a medical emergency.
I don’t know much about amalgam fillings but some say mercury isn’t dangerous after it hardens. Poison control claims there isn’t enough mercury to cause problems. I’ve heard your feelings can cause epilepsy and other problems but I’m not sure who is correct.
Have you asked your doctor about increasing your Keppra or adding another medication for better control?
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