Starting on Prednisone - I am not sure

Posted by mayomur @mayomur, Jun 6, 2019

I have been advised to start on Prednisone. My chest x ray showed inflammation and subsequent Bronchoscopy ruled on any specific cause. I am concerned about starting on steroids like Prednisone. My oxygen test showed I do not need Oxygen help though the saturations levels dropped from 96/97 to 92/93 and stabilized there. Would like to get inputs anyone who used Prednisone to see if I am over-concerned about starting on it. Thanks

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Today is actually Prednisone freedom day at our house. My husband has been taking it for dermatomyositis and accompanying ild since September of last year. Not our favorite drug, but it limited the damage until the autoimmune drug (Imuran) could stabilize him. He is doing well. I would take it, but talk to your PCP about your concerns.

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@fuzzybadger, I want to drop in and check on your husband. How is he gettng along?
I was on prednisone for suspected autoimune liver disease quite a number of years abo. My doctor wanted to try Imuran but it caused bruising and some bleeding.


Prednisone makes my heart palpitations start and have neck strains

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