Stage 1 Bladder Cancer/Gemcitabine

Posted by sue225 @sue225, Jan 22, 2020

My 78 year old husband has been living with non-invasive bladder cancer for about 14 years. He had a recurrence in December, (had TURB surgery)and is now going to be treated with a new drug called “Gemcitabine” (by infusion via urethra). In the past he has been treated with BCG following TURB procedure, but had a bad reaction to the BCG five years ago. On one other occasion, mitomycin was given. Wanting to hear from others who have been treated with gemcitabine and if the treatment worked . The urologists in Canada have just started using this drug for Stage 1 bladder cancer. Thanks.

Yes, regarding Covid-19 containment, our government has been reactive not proactive. Although it is easier to control when your country is an island. Nevertheless, there have been issues here and the vaccine rollout gets a bit of a failing grade so far. Maybe it will turn around.
My husband has had carcinoma in situ reoccur a number of times over these fourteen years and yes early on one oncologist recommended removing the bladder and the prostate. My husband went for a second opinion and for the prostate went the radiation route and that worked out very well. And he chose to keep dealing with the bladder with surgeries (TURB) and trying BCG, mitomycin, gemcitabine. Things may get a little complicated now. We'll have to see how bcg goes.
I mention this because maybe like my husband, it may not be time to give up the bladder. Maybe the oncologist will have a different solution.
Life is bittersweet. I am not a religious person, but will hold you in my thoughts and wish the best for you.

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