Squeezy boots to prevent blood clots

Posted by lafama37 @lafama37, Jan 24 1:31am

I had PE in 01/15/2023 and am still taking Eliquis 10 mg daily. My D-Dimer test has been showing that my coagulatión is elevated and I am always affraid of having new clots.. My question is if you wear compression boots or any other device to prevent new blood clots.

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I am on xarelto 10mg daily indefinetly since 2017 and whenever i am in ed for breathing problems (ie astma flare), my d dimer also gets checked and its always elevated. Last time i reached out to hematologist md who put me on xarelto. His answer was " not clinically significant while on blood thinners". So please check with md who put you on eliquis.
You can wear compression socks, yet its the body coagulation factors predispose to clots , not alwats necessary in legs, just like you had PE in lungs. Yes, indeed clots do travel from legs, but not always the case. People also throw clots in brains.
If there us so much unease of getting another clot, you can ask md to add PT/inr lab to next time you do labs for other reasons. Although its not practiced with any DOAC meds to check coag levels.

One other way to realize our blood is anticoagulated, is whenever you accidentaly cut yourself, it bleeds for good 20min, doesnt coagulate as well and takes a while to stop/control the bleeding. Its the same throughtout whole body - lungs, brain, legs - blood is very thinned out.
Speak to your md , ask them question, its their job to educate!
Good luck

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