Spinal Cord Stimulation

Posted by billweigle @billweigle, Feb 8, 2019

Does anyone have experience they could share with spinal cord stimulation (SRS) for either lower back pain on both sides or post herpetic neuralgia (PHN) from shingles in the lower right side and back. I have had both pains for nearly two years and am doing a seven-day trial with a Boston Scientific SRS unit.

hi @billweigle and welcome to Connect! Having that pain for so long must be frustrating, but it is great that you were able to get into a seven-day trial for something that could possibly help your pain!

I wanted to introduce you to fellow Connect member @peggyella in hopes she can provide some support for you as you start this trial.

Back to you @billweigle, how has the pain affected your daily life?


Hi Bill, my name is Sean, I have a spinal cord stimulator fittted since October 2012, its been a great success for me so far, message me if you need further feed back

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