Spinal cord cysts

Posted by joannemm34293 @joannemm30809, Sep 26, 2021

I had an MRI done on my spine and radiologist report mentions cysts on several parts of my spine but his diagnosis for my neurological symptoms he did not relate to these cysts.

I'm 61 years old and was wondering if cysts are a normal thing to see on a MRI? Radiologist did not seem concerned.

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Joanne, I think this related discussion might be of interest to you.
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Here’s further info
Spinal cysts https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/health/conditions-and-diseases/spinal-cysts

It’s a good thing to question your doctor about specific to you.



I don’t know what the difference is between a spinal cyst and Syringomyelia. I was diagnosed with Syringomyelia which is a fluid filled cyst or cavity in the spinal cord. This was caused by my brain pushing thru the skull opening and into the spine. This is called Chiari Malformation. My symptoms were numbness and tingling in my upper right extremity, cape feeling in my upper body, loss of sensitivity in my fingers, loss of dexterity in my hand, issues with balance, body tremors when bent over for any period of time, fatigue and when sneezing it felt like my head would explode. I found no joy in anything that I did. I needed to force myself to function daily. This was I believe a form of depression that I had. This and most of my symptoms either disappeared or lessened following brain decompression surgery.

My syrinx was from the foramen magnum (skull opening) to my T6 vertebrae. Width was at least 11mm.

My belief is that anything inside the spine, which does not belong there will affect parts of the body. Symptoms will depend upon where the cyst/syrinx is located in the spine and what part of the spine those nerves control.

Where are your cysts located in your spine? What is the opinion of your neurologist?

All I know for sure is “do not give up”! Keep looking for answers. I have learned from experience that there will be disappointments and frustration. You can’t give up. It is a journey and will continue to be even when a final diagnosis is found.

I am a person of faith and to get me thru I believed GOD had a plan for me and continues to have a plan for me. Looking back I would not change a thing as those disappointments led me to the most amazing doctors. I cannot now imagine my life without them.

All the best,


Hello Joanne,
I posted the one re Daughter ( in twenties) with spinal cysts. . She experienced involuntary motion – one side, in neck and arms and sometimes trunk and legs. It was quite frequent and very obvious -when she went to local hospital for diagnostics. Eventually, she had an MRI (sedated to stop motion), and eventually the health system (not Mayo) moved up her appointment with a neurologist ,so she learned she has Syringomyelia – with cyst (cysts) – small, but near top of spine. She was given anti-seizure meds for the involuntary movements. She still exhibits these – when tired or stressed and maybe just randomly. She will be monitored via MRIs from here on out. Frequency – not sure. May depend on symptoms with a 6 month or annual schedule otherwise.
We are not sure of cause. If inflammatory response,her cysts could be another consequence of her ongoing previously undiagnosed celiac disease, could be related to malabsorption of needed nutrients…. and/or a January 2020 fall…

At any rate she is in the meds for uncomfortable spasms and monitor phase.

I hope that you do well.

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