Sounds sound robotic in left ear

Posted by kevin123 @kevin123, Nov 22, 2018

It's been a week since I got a cold. During this cold I've experienced some painful ear popping and fullness when I blow my nose. but I'm pretty sure it was my congestion causing this symptom. Since it's been a week now my ear has been ringing mainly noticable at night. Conversations or semi loud noises I can feel the sound waves in my ear like bass. I usually watch videos with earbuds and there aren't any problems it's when its night time I notice that videos with my ear buds sound robotic in my left ear. I don't have any pain nor the feeling of fullness. I do have some balancing issues when I put pressure to my head (like lifting something heavy and the blood goes up). I do feel I tiny bit of congestion but barely noticable when going through my day. Is this causes by the cold or?

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Hi @kevin123, that does sound concerning. Have you been to see your primary care physician about the problems with your hearing and balance?


Hi Kevin
Sure wish I had a helpful suggestion for you but I can only recommend a visit to your doctor.
Hoping all turns out well.


Did you ask for a referral to an ENT?

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