Sore Throst caused by airway clearance procedure with acapella

Posted by aprado31 @aprado31, Mar 29 8:39pm

Is there a way to avoid or soothe a sore throat caused by coughing up mucus?

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@aprado31 Five years (wow – impossible to believe it's been that long!) of airway clearance has convinced me that the sore throat is most commonly caused by forcing oneself to cough too hard and incorrectly, and may be complicated by nebulizing saline or albuterol.

Here are some things to keep in mind – the goal is to "huff cough" from the back of your throat to bring up mucus, not to cough hard and from the larynx as one does with a cold. Here is an excellent demonstration:

To soothe an already sore throat, I use honey, honey-based throat lozenges, or Throat Coat tea.


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