Smartvest (2) & wrap (1) Free too large for me.

Posted by raney @raney, Sep 4, 2023

I guessed at the size when 1st ordered the Smart Vest. I was sent a Large which was too large. Then I was sent medium and by then had lost more weight and that was too large.
I would be happy to send them to anyone that can use them. The large was used a couple of times. The medium was used for about a month. (Just the vests, not the compressor!)
They have been taken up space in my my small apartment for over a year. If interested, we will need to find out how to share mailing address, phone or email contact info privately. (Sorry I do not know how to do that)

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I also would be interested in the medium vest. I will pay for it if you would like, and shipping. Is the compressor able to be ordered from the company?

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If you are interested in the Smart Vest for percussion, you will need the
compressor 1st.
My insurance paid a good part of the costs of the Smart Vest compressor,
vest, filters, and training. A respiratory therapist will train you on how
to use it. I don't know whether the vest for the Smart Vest fits other
percussion compressors or not?
Have your doctor write an order for a percussion system of your choice.
I would be glad to send the medium vest that I have to you but you need
the Smart Vest compressor and training on the use of it.
Do the research and decide on which percussion machine you want. If the
one I have is interchangeable with other compressors, I will be glad to
send it but please find out first.
*Also you can private message me by clicking on my name in this message.
I did not know that but received the info and I have deleted my 1st
response to you which gave my email address. *


No problem, Raney. Send me a private message when the items have been claimed and I'll remove the discussion. 🙂

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I will private message and let you know.


I can pay for shipping!!! Here is my e-mail address and I will send you my mailing address. Thank-you so much. By the way what do you mean by “compressor”?

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I might have used the wrong word what I meant by compressor is the expensive programmable machine that the vest connects to and it is what inflates the vest and provides the percussion to the lungs to loosen the mucus.. I will send you the link.


Is the large vest still available?!
Definitely interested!
I have the machine but, could definitely use a newer vest!
Best, Deidre

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