Small Vessel Vasculitis Granulomatosis & Sjögren’s syndrome

Posted by KarenA @kga, Sep 3 10:41am

Is there are group for small vessel vasculitis granulomatosis and Sjögren’s syndrome and Churgg Strauss? These are all autoimmune conditions that I’ve been recently diagnosed with. I’ve had Hypothyroiditis and fibromyalgia for several years. I’ve managed well with thyroid meds, diet and exercise. Thanks!I’ve

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Hi @kga, it's not uncommon for people to have more than one autoimmune condition and related issues. You look like you've got a few. Here are a few discussion groups you may wish to take part in:

– Wegener's granulomatosis
– Sjogren’s Syndrome – Introduce yourself and meet others
– Churg-Strauss or EPGA
– Fibromyalgia: Anyone out there with the same diagnosis?

You said you were recently diagnosed with these conditions. What did your care team suggest as next steps or treatment options or lifestyle changes?


I just got back home from a week of testing. My Doc was going to a conference, so I assume I’ll hear from him this week. I will check out those groups. Thank you!

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