Slight hemoptysis - wonder what others do

Posted by wsbme74 @wsbme74, 3 days ago

Hi. I have asthma and mild Bronchiectasis, diagnosed with the latter last year. I have had small spots of blood when clearly fighting an infection on a couple of occasions. However, the last couple of days, I have had a couple of bright red blood spots (not large, but always alarming!) in my clear mucus. I don't have a cough or fever. Noticing a little chest tightness but not a lot. I usually neb with levalbutirol followed by either 3% or 7% saline (usually a mix to get to about 5% as best tolerated) in the morning plus aerobika and breathing exercises and then aerobika and postural drainage in the evening. I sometimes neb in the evening as well - if I am fighting something or have been around potential germs, which I did twice this weekend.

I have held off using the saline over the last 24-hours as don't wish to aggravate the situation. But, of course, I also don't want to make things worse by not doing airway clearance! My pulmonologist isn't the most-versed in Bronchiectasis nor readily-available. But in Maine, they are all in short supply!

Just wondering what others do or have been instructed to do with any signs of hemoptysis when it's a small amount. Thanks!

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The .9% saline might be as effective as the 5% combined you use and less irritating to your lungs.
Also, if you take NAC, please be aware that this may trigger bronchial bleeding.
Best wishes for great health!


Thank you so much! I think it makes sense to move to .9% for now. That's also really good to know about NAC. I had actually tried to take it in powder form at I believe 600mg dissolved in a drink and it definitely started to trigger coughing and lung "twitchiness" for me so I had to stop.
I really appreciate your insight!


Good to know it’s possible the NAC causes the twitching in lungs


Not to worry about a small amount of blood in mucus. My pulmonologist says it is like a scab coming off when you cough up some blood,

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