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Sleep Paralysis diagnosis

Posted by @raypamgr in Healthy Living, Sep 21, 2011

I have been diagnosis with this and chronic pain, fibromyalgia. In 2009 I woke my husband up with my face distorted voice slurred, unable to move. I spent 8 days in the hospital and 5 days in the rehab hospital learning how to walk again. I can feel but not move, talk or open my eyes. I am helpless unless my husband wakes me up and moves me I will be in this state until someone moves me. When moved I am in severe pain. They are calling it sleep apnea but I can just drop off to sleep and become paralyzed. They have put me on different medications but nothing has worked. This is really distressing. I pray that someone can see this and tell me there is hope...

Thank you, from Buffalo, TX

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Posted by @calmcoolandcrazy, Jan 4, 2012

I had a sleep paralysis state a few years ago. I have social anxiety. The Dr. gave me Xanax to take as needed. When I took a Xanax in the later afternoon the trouble began.

As I began to fall asleep, I would get very tense and "froze." I was laying on my back in bed and I could open my eyes, could not speak, could barely swallow, and could not move. It would last about 2-3 minutes. And then I felt a release. I could move again. It was very scary. The Dr. acted as of he'd never heard of that before. I experimented not taking Xanax and the paralysis didn't occur. It was clearly the Xanax.

I know Xanax alters some brain chemicals. Maybe you're taking something like Xanax or another med and it's giving you a side effect? I haven't experienced that since stopping Xanax.

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