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sleep apnea

Posted by @drh, Aug 17, 2011

I have severe sleep apnea and I am unable to use (tolerate) a c-pap machine. I think next thing for me is surgery. I have heard about lots of possible complications resulting from those procedures. Has anyone had that done before and how did it work out?



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Posted by @aarius, Oct 1, 2011

The general tenor of your statement suggests that you are really suffering. It does not, however, provide enough information for the many of us out here who are apnea sufferers as well. I am a Vietnam Era Veteran and have severe sleep apnea as well. I still remember my first few nights trying to sleep with what I have come to call “The Alien Creature” on my face. The VA helped me by providing different types of devices until I arrived at what I have now.

That is why I would like to know if you have a general intolerance for CPAP or have you tried different CPAP devices? (I avoid using “mask” for the very reason you speak of)

I use a “Nasal Pillow”. The entire thing just lays on my upper lip and the CPAP pressure creates a seal that does 2 things for me; 1. It prevents apnea episodes. 2. It delivers also the oxygen my concentrator provides. I look at my nasal pillow as that which helps provide re-cooperative sleep and now a friend that helps deliver oxygen for me.

Surgery has been my last resort for several issues. Sleep apnea has not been one of them. It is great on “this side of the perspective” and I hope you can experiment with different devices before seeking a surgical approach. Good luck.


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Posted by @margareto, Feb 1, 2012

my problem is severe stuffed up nose–I wake up and find I have cpap pulled off face. Usually get up and sit up many nights. Exhausted. Am interested in your reference to oxygen. Does this help you. I don’t smoke, drink, but have gained weight and feel my horrible sleep problems contributed to weight gain. Also pre-diabetic. Thanks for posting your info.


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