Sleep apnea found during 6 month program

Posted by cora2022 @cora2022, Sep 20, 2022

Has anyone else been surprised to be diagnosed with sleep apnea during their 6 month program?
Did you go with the CPAP? EPAP ? Oral appliance ?
How did it all work out for you?
Do you still use them after surgery ?

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I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. Received the CPAP machine. Is so quiet! I've been using for a few weeks now. Definitely hard to get used to, but it's getting better. Haven't had my gastric bypass surgery yet, but hoping to get off the machine once I start losing some serious weight.


I have had sleep apnea since 2018. I use a travel CPAP as well as the traditional ResMED with heated hose. I had follow up appts with the Mayo team to adjust the CPAP for me, and changed mask types. There are so many, I am sure you can find a good fitting mask working with your Dr or professionals. Keep up on cleaning and supplies, it is truly worth the effort. Prior to use I was only able to sleep 1-2 hours at a time, waking up all night is no fun. Using the CPAP I can sleep 6-8 hours, never thought that would be possible. I is amazing how much better I feel. It did take time to get use to it but hang in there.

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